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Here at Porter-Bass we are dedicated to the environment

In the vineyard we have eliminated the use of mineral fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.  For ten years now we have been practicing Organic and Biodynamic practices in the vineyard.

We use limited irrigation all of which is rain water caught in an irrigation pond.  We do not use well water to irrigate and as a result we do not have a detrimental affect on the water table.

We have dedicated 75% of our property to forest.  The hills here are too steep to farm without erosion and soil loss so we take pride in leaving it untouched.  This will be a great resource for future generations.

Although shipping is a central problem to the wine industry we are reducing the distance our inputs travel to us.
      We are using bottles made in California By Saint-Gobain Containers.  Saint Gobain now uses more than 50% recycled material in their wine bottles. They have also joined the EPA's Climate  Leaders Program and have reduced their water use by 80%.
      We have reduced our use of new oak barrels to less than 10%.  
      In 2010 we will be using only cork closures.  While cork has it's problems and costs more it is a renewable resource and is easily reused.  Harvesting the cork does not harm the tree allowing many more cork harvests over the years.  Although corks come from Europe they are light and  shipping is insignificant.
      Our foils are made in the Napa Valley

We are a family run business with everybody living and working at Porter-Bass

If you have questions please contact us

Luke Bass